Pictures of Landree

Landree and big brother Will

Landree & Cousin Heather on Christmas Eve

Landree at Aunt Mary Kay's house

Landree and Molly

She loves to play airplane!

Landree and Daddy at children's church

Landree getting dedicated at church.

Landree with big brother Will and cousins Kara and Kendree at Kara's bowling party

Landree thinks cousin Michael is pretty funny.

Landree relaxing with daddy.

Landree admiring her toenails!

Landree sitting in a high chair at the restaurant for the first time. Big girl!

Landree playing with her Build-a-Bear bunny.

Landree and Harper





Landree at daycare 3/12/13

Landree at daycare 3/10/2013

Landree at daycare 3/10/2013

Landree & Cousin Cade

Landree and Cousin Carlie

Landree and her kitty Lyla

Landree rode in the shopping cart at Wal-Mart for the first time AND she was wearing her very first ponytail! Such a big girl!

Landree and Cousin Hunter after the basketball game.

Landree and Cousin Cadie at church. Thanks for the outfit Cadie!

Landree getting her toenails painted during the super bowl party.

Landree's toenails painted for the very first time.

Our t-shirts

Big Brother Will modeling his shirt

Back of Landree's outfit

Landree and Big Brother Will

Landree rockin' her extra chromosome

Look what they made for Landree at school!

Part of the t-shirt crew

Our little family

Cousin Austin wearing his "Landree" bracelet

Cousin Hunter wearing his bracelet

Silly Cousin Cadie

Cousin Cade wearing his bracelet

Will showing Landree the fish at the Dr's office. 3/22/2013

Cousin Kendree burping Landree. I think we've found our next babysitter!

Landree in her big girl sweater.

Landree and Big Brother Will playing with the ipad.

Landree & Cousin Lynsie

Landree loves her Lynsie!

Landree & her Easter eggs

Little ham!

Will & Landree

Landree's shirt for the baseball games!

Cousin Cadie's graduation.

Landree at the emergency room. 5-7-13

Landree's first successful attempt at drinking from a sippy cup! 6/5/13

Do I have something on my face???

Landree and Will after the big win.

Landree wearing the dress that Cousins Kara and Kendree wore when they were little.

Landree having a little chat with her cousin Michael.

Landree's two favorite baseball players. Way to go Will & Hayden (Rooster)!

Will & Landree with Cousin Hayden on Champion Day at Hawaiian Falls

Landree in her new sun hat.

Landree & Big Brother Will having some fun in the pool.

Will & Landree with cousins Heather & Lynsie at Lynsie's graduation.

Our friend Preston, big brother Will, Landree & Cousin Hayden with former Maverick Rolando Blackman.

Will & Landree with Cousin Lynsie

Landree having a nice chat with the Maverick Maniacs

Landree in her new big girl car seat.

Landree and Will at Hawaiian Falls

Landree's first time to go swimming!

She was NOT a fan of the hat

Landree & SuSu at Will's baseball game

Landree with Cousins Trey & Mackenzie at a graduation party

Daddy & Landree with the Mavs Championship Trophy

Landree's first sucker

Landree's first 4th of July parade with her cousins.

Landree's picture on her birthday invitation.

Will & Landree waiting to see the Congress Ave bats!

Daddy, Will & Landree in front of the Congress Ave Bridge

Landree & Will's first visit to the state capitol

Landree & Will at the state capitol

Will, Landree & Cousin Sally

Landree's first trip to the beach

Landree, mommy & Will at the docks

Landree & Will

Landree & her cousins on her first family vacation

Daddy & Landree with Cousins Kara & Kendree

Landree on her birthday

Landree & her cousins

Landree was pooped after her party

Opening presents at Aunt Angela's

Yay for presents!

Landree & Cousin Lynsie

Needed a little bath after the cake


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linda | Reply 19.06.2013 21.46

Those of that have a Landree in our lives are truly blessed! We have never considered my beautiful sister Kerri anything but! And, she is 44 years old now!

A Ellis | Reply 08.06.2013 21.43

This little girl has the makings of doing something wonderful! She is such a beauty! Blessed with a fabulous clan of family! Wonderful!

Francisco Padron | Reply 01.04.2013 02.28

From Mexico. our 3rd. son came out with DS scary at the beginnig but now as you said just the same that any other of my sons. thanks for you story!!!

Angelica | Reply 31.03.2013 17.22

Hello from Puerto Rico! Your baby girl is so beautiful! God bless her and all your family!

Stephanie | Reply 29.03.2013 21.27

All the way from NE Ohio I can tell that you all have been blessed with a HAPPY Beautiful Baby Girl!!! Landree looks to be loved and well taken care of! <3

sue brooks (granny) | Reply 21.03.2013 10.14

Such a precious baby girl. Maddie told me about this site. I have had the pleasure of keeping Landree at daycare a couple of times. She is so sweet and loving.

Aunt cousin Sally | Reply 14.03.2013 23.17

I love seeing all of these pictures of our beautiful baby girl. She and Harper are already bonded! I can see it in their eyes! So happy to see all pics! xoxo

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11.06 | 00:13

This is looking great. Thanks for sharing with us. I appreciate it.


14.02 | 21:00

i go to Church with her Landree at Open Range Cowboy church in whitney texas and she is the Sweetest Little girl ever i love talking to Her

06.08 | 15:30

I have been following your page on Facebook and every single time I see Landree I think I fall more in love with her. You have a beautiful family.

20.05 | 15:06

Shes so cute

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